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Gabe Vincent, co-founder
JD Slajchert, co-founder

Allergic to Missing LLC is a company started by NBA and Olympian athlete Gabe Vincent and novelist and screenwriter JD Slajchert, former college basketball teammates and best friends. Through their partnership, Gabe and JD aim to use their different experiences to encourage others to dream big.  Gabe and JD truly believe that true success does not come without set backs and failures. In fact, Gabe and JD both credit much of their own achievements and current success to their own obstacles and adversities they have faced along their on paths.  Allergic to Missing soon became not just a phrase the two shared on a basketball court when they couldn't miss a shot, but a mindset. This phrase, turned way of life, reminded Gabe and JD that their failures were not dead ends but in fact necessary steps on their roads to achieving their goals.  As Gabe and JD continued to progress in their careers, they have found that although they will always be met with new and different challenges throughout their journeys, what is most important is the focus and perseverance to overcome those obstacles and keep going.  While both Gabe and JD have begun to see the fruits of their labor, they know that true success is found when able to make a positive impact on those around you. As Gabe and JD's platforms continue to grow, they know how important it is to share what they have learned and thus the Allergic to Missing brand was created. Now, although the two are in completely separate careers, Gabe and JD still share the same passion, inspiring and supporting others.

So we ask... what do the words Allergic to Missing mean to you? Are you Allergic to Missing an opportunity - whether it presents itself or you have to go get it? Are you Allergic to Missing a moment with your family or friends - even if you are busy? Or are your Allergic to Missing a chance to inspire those around you and make a positive impact - even when life gets in the way? We have found that the phrase means so many different things to so many different people - and that we Love! No matter what phase of life you are in or what step you are on in the path to your success - stay Allergic to Missing! Every moment counts - even the tough ones.

Take the shot.  Bet on yourself. Be Allergic to Missing.


Gabe Vincent


Gabe Vincent has a work ethic and focus like non-other, and even as a relatively unknown basketball prospect coming out of high school, Gabe was determined to not only play collegiately with a Division 1 program but also as a school that would challenge him educationally. He knew he found both of those requirements when he committed to join the basketball program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During his early years there, Gabe met fellow gaucho teammate and future business partner, JD Slajchert. Together, the two of them quickly bonded over their mutual respect for hard work and determination as well as their core beliefs of giving back and compassion for others. The two young athletes befriended a little boy who was not only their biggest fan, but would soon become one of their biggest life impactors, Luc Bodden. Luc was a presence like non other and purely reminded Gabe how impactful one can be to another, regardless of age, or setback. Luc's love and support was infectious to be around. In 2016, Luc passed from complication of Sickle Cell Disease and Gabe was not only faced with the grief of that loss, but  was also met  with various obstacles career wise.  Without the game that he loved or his biggest fan, Gabe had to dig deep, he had to remind himself to be - Allergic to Missing.  


Gabe emerged with even more focus and perseverance. Gabe would go on to graduate from UCSB with a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies in 2018. Today, you can find Gabe still playing the game that he loves. He is currently a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.  Gabe also plays for the Nigerian national basketball team and recently played in the 2020 Olympics Games, in the Summer of 2021, in Tokyo for Nigeria. There have been successes and there have been obstacles along the way, and there will continue to be, but what will remain consistent is his pursuit to not only keep focused- but to inspire and help those around him.

JD Slajchert


Without any division one scholarships coming out of high school, JD committed to the University of California, Santa Barbara as a preferred walk-on in the hopes eventually earning a full basketball scholarship. Although, despite his lack of high garnering exposure, JD befriend Luc Bodden and introduced him to his good friend and new Gaucho teammate, Gabe Vincent. During JD’s first two-season at UCSB, he never made the traveling roster and didn’t register a single minute of playing time. Following Luc’s passing in 2016, JD earned a starting spot in his first ever career game with UCSB and earned a full athletic scholarship.  

JD is now an American novelist, public speaker, philanthropist and screenwriter. Three months after graduating from college, his debut novel MoonFlower was published in 2018; which is a story inspired by his friendship with Luc Bodden. Following the rapid success of his first book, JD embarked on a year-long speaking tour where he talked directly about his career as a college athlete and his journey into becoming an author. In the twelve-months following the release of his book, JD reached over 100,000 people with his message, culminating with him delivering the UC Santa Barbara ICA Commencement address to the Class of 2019. JD Slajchert is the Director of Relationship Development for The LucStrong Foundation and a National Ambassador for The American Red Cross.

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